This is the best burger in New York City

Nick Felker
4 min readAug 17, 2022

I’ve been on a quest for the best burger ever since I moved to the city. I have taken dozens of suggestions from all kinds of people and became quite a prolific reviewer throughout the process. I’ve eaten them all over the course of my time here.

After the 82 burger joints I’ve visited, I’ve discovered my favorite burger.

I want to share my love of burgers with you.

Minetta Tavern

Black Angus Burger

Get a reservation here. It’s a small restaurant tucked away in a small area of Greenwich Village that makes it tough to get a seat walking in. Order the Black Angus burger. It’s expensive but definitely worth it. There’s no special sauce or exotic toppings; just great tasting beef.

Of course, I do have a few other recommendations for top-tier burgers.

two8two Bar & Burger

Billy Burger

A burger that’s smaller yet cheaper than many you’ll find in the city, this Brooklyn burger joint has a great selection of beers and burgers. The Billy Burger, shown above, had a lot of flavor. I do intend to try more burgers on their menu.


Emmy Burger

I ate outside here on a cold March night, a choice that was well worth it after eating this. The burger is covered in this onion-flavored secret sauce that is very rich and adds a lot of flavor. This restaurant also has fantastic buns.

The Bun Matters!

As a quick aside, I want to highlight a complaint I’ve had about many burgers, which is the bread. You may think of the bun as just the holder, as a mere conduit for the cheese and meat. That’s incorrect! The bun matters a lot in allowing you to eat the burger in its entirety.

Many lackluster burgers use mediocre bread. Halfway through your meal, the bread falls apart and the pieces of meat fall onto the plate. Now rather than eating everything together, tasting all the layers at once, you’re picking at the pieces like a scavenger. The layers simply won’t taste as good when separate.


At some point in February I visited this Korean-themed place for dinner. I liked their online-based ordering system and their cocktails, but I especially liked their burger.

While the beef is cooked very well, the sauce really makes it stand out. It’s just bitter enough to notice without overwhelming the senses.

Jackson Hole

Classic Burger

This Upper East Side restaurant has a selection of burger options, but I started just with the classic. The meal comes with a lot of fries, coleslaw, and cucumbers. The burger has a lot of flavor and was very filling. I do need to return and try their other burger choices.

Amsterdam Ale House

Returning to my earlier aside, the buns matter a lot in holding everything together. The use of English Muffins as the bun works very well. It’s a good burger in its own right too, with plenty of flavor. The restaurant itself has good music and a pleasant vibe.

Bronson’s Burgers

This small restaurant in lower Manhattan opened up in the last year. You can order and pay straight on the phone. Their burgers have good, classic flavor. Additionally they have a number of fantastic milkshakes that make it feel like a modern take on a classic burger joint.


Balthazar Burger

I had a good time at this French restaurant, sitting at the bar with a few ciders and their premiere burger. They have a special sauce that provides a great deal of flavor and richness to the meal.

What’s next?

All of my favorite burgers are conveniently available in this Google Maps list.

Think you’ve got one that’s better, let me know!

Otherwise, my food adventures are moving in a new direction. I’m currently on the lookout for the best tonkatsu in New York City. Recommendations are welcome!



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