In Defense of Multiculturalism

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There are plenty of reasons why multiculturalism is key for building a thriving, forward-thinking society, but I want to bring attention to my favorite, most poignant reason. This is an excerpt from The Rape of Nanking by Iris Chang:

Cover for the book

(Note, this article discusses a brutal massacre, so keep that in mind when reading ahead.)

Tang was one of the Chinese civilians in Nanking when the Japanese invaded, killing and raping. His story continues, being captured by soldiers in a group of hundreds of other civilians. With a stroke of luck, he manages to avoid death by hiding in a mass grave.

Rather than stay safely inside, he decided it was better to go outside and risk his life. He literally almost died. Reading that story, I couldn’t help but think about how dumb Tang was. Obviously today we recognize similar physical characteristics between people of East Asian descent. It’s not hard to find Japanese people.

We live in a world foreign to Tang, one in which knowledge of other cultures is not exotic but obvious. We can instantly access a massive network of cultures to learn about something we don’t know. We have even created new cultures from scratch using this network.

There are much better arguments to be made, about enriching our lives, creating better societies, and strengthening our economy. But when people complain about multiculturalism, I can’t help but think about Tang. Don’t be like Tang.

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