I read a lot of news — Sharing my Feedly boards

The opinions stated here are my own, not those of my company.

I’m all-in on RSS, the standard used to subscribe to updates from a website. I’ve spent close to a decade subscribing to various news sources and webcomics, occasionally adding and removing feeds.

Paying for news is important as well, as newsrooms shutting down have created a vacuum for misinformation and malicious actors to grift. Increasing the number of paid news sources is one goal I’ve had this year.

Additionally I have purchased a subscription to Feedly Pro. After Google Reader shut down, I easily transitioned to Feedly and have been using the free tier for many years. Yet I have found a growing interest in its advanced features.

Being able to integrate Twitter hashtags, Reddit posts, and newsletters all in a single feed is really handy. It means I can spend less time checking disparate sources and don’t miss anything. I can clean my email inbox now, as newsletters can be forwarded to my Feedly email addresses to read when I have time.

One other feature is being able to create public boards, custom feeds that I can curate. I’ve created a few public boards that I’ll be maintaining, and you can subscribe to these boards to get curated articles for each topic. My highlights and notes will also be accessible.

I may add more boards in the future, which I’ll update in this post.

Additionally, I am looking for new RSS feeds to add to my curation. I’ve started hosting my own to process changing data into RSS.

The Presidential Desk feed performs a lookup of all legislation on the president’s desk after passing both chambers of Congress. I took advantage of the congress.gov search after discovering its RSS feed seems to have broke.


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